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    I remember the days when money was like black cloud over our lives. Every time we had an expense it was another weight added to my shoulders. Even when our income was good there was still a cloud of debt and uncertaintly always there, just overhead.

    Then we started to make over our money. We got intentional, took small steps foward, and got our money working for us (instead of us working for our money).

    Now I want to show you how to make over your money. By the end of this free masterclass you'll:

    • Spot lies you're believing about money and replace them with truth
    • Know how to start a money makeover to make your money work for you
    • Learn to set SMART money goals that you can actually achieve
    • Stop money fights by learning how to talk to your spouse about money

    Join us July 26th-30th for 5 days of practical, encouraging support that will change your money forever!

    What others are saying: "I just wanted to say thank you for offering this free money management course! It was so helpful, encouraging, and motivating, and I feel better equipped to talk with my husband (of 26 years!) about our finances" ~ Lisa A.