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6 Steps to a Debt Free Lifestyle

Reduce debt. Avoid debt. Live Free.

Your Defensive Plan

Learn how to defend against future debt.

A Solid Offensive Strategy

Press toward the goal of elimiating the debt you have.

A Winning Lifestyle

Life with a new mindset for financial freedom.

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Hi, I'm Danielle Tate. When we were knee-deep in $28,000 of debt I felt like we would never be free. I resigned to the lie that debt was just a way of life.

Then, we made big changes, one by one and we learned to live a debt-free lifestyle. We learned the truth about debt, how to defend against it, and we deployed offensive strategies that have kept us from debt again. With our new debt-free lifestyle we've weather major life storms without new debt. We've seen:

  • a house fire
  • job layoff
  • $11,000+ medical bills (in six months)
  • major home repair
  • income loss

Through all of this, we have not reached for loans, credit cards, or IOU's to see us through.

Your debt-free lifestyle begins today!

I want you to feel the weight of debt lifted from your life. This free mini ecourse will teach you the strategies you need to live debt-free.

By the end of this free mini ecourse you will have a personalized plan to reduce the debts and avoid debt in the future.

These six simple steps will lead you down the path of financial freedom with daily encouragement and printable resources to help you build your plan.

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